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Find Your Perfect Blue

In many worldwide surveys, blue is the most popular color in 10 countries and across 4 continents! Why? In scientific terms – blue is unique because it has one of the shortest wavelengths of visible light (which is ‘Why the Sky Blue’ – an answer every parent and...

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Is Wallpaper in Style?

Wallpaper is getting a new lease on life in the design world. It is a perfect way to add whimsy and fun to your home and really add some personality to what can be otherwise boring spaces. There is a fresh take on textures, unexpected color combinations and delightful designs.

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How Much Should I Spend On A Wedding Gift?

What once were events usually entirely paid for by the bride’s family, have morphed into all sorts of celebrations. From exotic destination weddings to simple barefoot nuptials by the sea, today’s weddings are driven by the bride and groom’s lifestyle choices and...

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What is a Fingertip Towel?

A fingertip towel is a small-sized towel providing an easy convenience to dry hands and ‘fingertips’ quickly. It is smaller than a hand towel, yet larger than a wash cloth. Traditionally, a fingertip towel was used at the formal dining table along with finger bowls to rinse fingers between courses.

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Who is John Robshaw

What is so exhilarating about John Robshaw Textiles? Certainly, it’s the unyielding demand for the highest quality, including hand-stitching and attention to every single detail in every single product. But, to the eye, it’s all about the art. Robshaw’s linens are a combination of simplicity and complexity.

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How to Coordinate Bedding in 7 Steps

By simply changing bedding, or parts of it, you can give your room a whole new look and feel. There is likely no better teacher than John Robshaw himself. His best advice is to just try and have fun with it. Take things off, throw things on, add layers until you get the look you want.

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What is a Bed Scarf?

The wonderful, versatile uses for bed scarfs. Enhance color, pattern or texture – and easy to swop out for a new look by season or design trend.

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