Is wallpaper in style?

Is Wallpaper Art?

The popularity of wallpaper has widely drifted on and off for decades. The medium has never widely been appreciated as ‘art’ – with the exception of French and Chinese papers from the early 1900’s. Few in history have appreciated the influence and properties of wallpaper, considering it a trivial design backdrop. However, in recent years, many preservationists are diligently working to preserve archives for museum collections and historic buildings.

Wallpaper Styles

Back in Style

Wallpaper is getting a new lease on life in the design world. It is a perfect way to add whimsy and fun to your home and really add some personality to what can be otherwise boring spaces. There is a fresh take on textures, unexpected color combinations and delightful designs. When done right (with the help of a professional designer), wallpaper can be leaps and bounds above simple paint color. It is an ‘art’. And, today’s paper quality and durability is fantastic.

(Shown left: Beautiful wallpaper texture for foyer. “Coastal Sisal” in Blue by Thibaut. Available in 12 colorways.)

wallpaper for baths

Best Rooms for Wallpaper

There was a day when wallpaper was in almost every room of a home; today we commonly see it in the foyer, powder room, and dining room. We love wallpaper in a foyer because it can really set the tone for a home and unify the colors throughout the house. The powder room is a great place to have some fun with color, scale, and design.

In addition, many of the top wallpaper designers also manufacture coordinating fabric. Consider complementing the room with window treatments, upholstery or pillows to really get a finished look.

(Shown left: 100% combed cotton sateen wallpaper. “Coral Gables” in Aqua by Thibaut. Available in 5 colorways.)

Bold wallpapers

Choosing the Right Wallpaper

What are you looking for out of the space? A colorful backdrop? A subtle texture? A bold statement? Keep in mind scale when choosing – a smaller scale in one color will generally have a more subtle appearance. What is the base color of the paper? Do you want to brighten the space or make it cozy?

Is the wallpaper going into a high traffic area? In general, wallpaper can be wiped gently but always check with the manufacturer. Corners can show wear before other parts of the paper but there are clear corner covers that help or even a small molding looks pretty over the right pattern.

(Shown left: A bold medallion paper “Trade Routes” in Pink and Turquoise by Thibaut. Available in 5 colorways.)

Your design experts here at Maggie’s of Madison can help you find that perfect look for your room. Ask about our Design Services, stop in our shop and browse through our vast wallpaper and fabric samples, or browse our Design Portfolio.

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